Only added value for both sides leads to true success!

My philosophy

Yves Remelius

My philosophy

My business activities are firmly anchored in the principles of the honorable businessman, supplemented by personal values that are close to my heart:

  • The dignity of every person is my top priority, and I treat all my business partners with the utmost respect.
  • Integrity characterizes my actions; I stand for transparency and fair competition is my credo.
  • Reliability is my motto: You can rely on my word.
  • I am guided by my conscience and approach new trends thoughtfully, always with a focus on timeless principles.
  • In the event of disagreements, I look for constructive solutions and always strive for a balance that is fair to all parties involved.
  • I recognize and respect intellectual and material property and appreciate the achievements of others.
  • Constructive dialog is the foundation of my partnerships.
  • I treat every person with respect, regardless of their social position or cultural background.

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