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Yves Remelius


Welcome to the "KV-Spezial" page of YR-Wirtschaftsberatung - your competence center for tailor-made health insurance solutions.

With over three decades of experience, I bring my in-depth knowledge to support the needs of families, young people and aspiring business talents with customized health insurance policies. Before I go into more detail, however, I would like to dispel some of the preconceptions surrounding private health insurance (PHI).

Myths about private health insurance

Let's clear up a few preconceptions about private health insurance together:

  1. Accessibility: The assumption that private health insurance is only for the rich is wrong. There are tariffs for different income groups, including affordable options.
  2. Insurance in old age: Fears that private health insurance will be unaffordable or offer no protection in old age are unfounded. Old-age provisions and statutory regulations ensure that protection is maintained.
  3. Chronic diseases: The prejudice that private health insurance offers poorer benefits than statutory health insurance for long-term illnesses is not true. Many tariffs include comprehensive benefits, even for special treatments.
  4. Pre-existing conditions: The belief that pre-existing conditions generally lead to exclusion from private health insurance is incorrect. There are adjusted tariffs and statutory protection mechanisms.
  5. Tariff structure and administration: The assumption that private health insurance is too complex is exaggerated. Many insurers offer advice to help you find the right tariff and simplify the administrative process.
  6. Mothers on maternity leave and parental leave: The prejudice that mothers in these phases are faced with high premiums or loss of insurance cover is not true. Many private health insurance tariffs offer customized solutions, are often even cheaper and often integrate the newborn without an additional health check.
  7. Change PKV/GKV: "Once private health insurance, always private health insurance" is not true. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to switch back to statutory health insurance, even if this can be associated with certain challenges.

However, with the right planning, the choice of the optimal insurance and the appropriate tariff structure, we can ensure a stable and predictable premium structure in the long term while providing the best healthcare.


Individual private health insurance for the children of managing directors and executives

For managing directors and executives who value excellent healthcare, I offer exclusive advice on personal and family cover. Discover private health insurance options that provide the highest level of care not only for you, but also for your children, with regard to individual life plans, such as a long-term stay abroad or extended travel. We understand that your family has the same priority as your professional performance and should therefore have access to the best possible health cover.


CT solutions for young adults

The start of your career is a time full of opportunities. Whether you are in training or studying - private health insurance (PHI) can offer decisive advantages. I have made it my mission to help young adults set the course for a secure future. Our tailor-made private health insurance products are specifically designed to meet the needs and budgets of young people, guaranteeing them optimum protection and first-class medical care.


Young start-up entrepreneurs

In the dynamic world of start-ups, flexibility and tailor-made solutions are the key to success - and this also applies to your healthcare. Private health insurance not only offers better medical care, but also contributes to personal branding as a responsible entrepreneur.

I will be happy to advise you individually to find a health insurance policy that grows with your company and adapts to your changing needs.


With me, you are a partner whose individual health goals and wishes take center stage. Contact me today to arrange your personal consultation with me and take the step towards a secure health future.

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