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Provident fund

Yves Remelius

Provident fund

bacon pension trust AG is my reliable and proven partner in this area. In addition to the company's many years of experience, it is also right on a personal level and this is mainly due to the personality of the Chairman of the Board, Frank Strehlau - a Hanseatic through and through, who represents the values of the Hanseatic Merchants' Guild and stands for clear words.

bacon pension trust AG is completely insurance-free and - unlike many other providers - does not broker any financial or insurance products. The focus is purely on advice, which is provided exclusively by experienced specialists.

In summary, the lump-sum provident fund is about


  • a corporate bank without insurance
  • a flexible business management concept
  • one way of BAV - competitive advantage, liquidity advantage

In short, the provident fund is an ideal vehicle for tax effects.


bacon pension trust AG works with companies from a wide range of sectors. The size of the company is not relevant. The company's consultants initially take care of setting up and providing long-term advice on the so-called lump-sum endowed company fund with the help of the corporate cash fund® system. From a business point of view, this is the most successful approach to creating a company pension scheme.


Here you can find out more about the lump-sum provident fund or contact me for more information.

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