Only added value for both sides leads to true success!

Yves Remelius

Business consulting from a single source

Targeted management information systems allow opportunities and potential to be optimally exploited. We advise & represent our clients in all areas of business consulting with a comprehensive range of services

Matchmaker solutions

Only added value for both sides leads to true success! Over the years, I have noticed that countless opportunities for cooperation go unnoticed by partners. This is often due to the fact that many do not even know how large the other party's portfolio is. Often, however, the best opportunities for joint projects arise in discussions and the very best ones arise when you listen carefully. And that is my particular strength in matchmaking.

Specialized in the following areas:

  • Care & Medicine
  • Health & Sport

Financial solutions

Each and every one of us has countless opportunities to be successful. I want you to recognize and take advantage of your own opportunities. I will advise and support you in defining and achieving your personal freedom.

Financial independence through optimization

Do you want complete financial freedom? If so, you are not alone in this desire. Nowadays, freedom is probably one....

> 100.000,00 €
> 65.000,00 €
We find solutions

Yves Remelius


The corporate network for care and medicine

Connect regionally & benefit locally

Care networks

Service providers from the care and medical sector, but also from other areas that are important for carers, will find a platform here. Quality and cooperation are particularly important to us, as is the willingness to break new ground.


We broker insurance policies in the care and health sector, among others. We advise expatriates and other selected target groups.


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